Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Parting Shot


Jason Spatz and I have just packed up and are ready to go in search of more Four Loko. Anyways, good game, all, good game.

Final Tallies

We Done Did It.

24 Hours of Games.

17 Games played.

Now we see if we can still remember what a baby version of an animal looks like. The final test!

More twiddling


We have skipped Hacker, and put Gloom before Scotland Yard. Also we intend to skip Call of Cthulu. Even with all the skipping we are going to run out of time before we run out of games, so we're revising as we go. Given that we only have two hours left, and we are only 2/3 of the way through this jam, I would bet dollars on one more game and then Memory.

We're all holding up pretty okay for not having slept. We're functioning pretty well brain wise for not sleeeeeping. I had to go outside and do jumping jacks a minute ago, though. I think we are probably totally physical messes. Eating the most crap and not moving or sleeping. Bad news. I have been drinking a ton of water, though. Hooray for hydration.

Let's all pee.

This is what nonsense looks like.

We are playing a game called Scotland Yard and it is bonkers.


We just played gloom, a terrible game where you hurt your family and then kill them but I never get the cards that kill my family. Terrible.

But now, oh now, it is Scotland Yard. Wherein we all chase Jason M around a board and try to beat him up, but he is invisible, and we are five people. Also - taxis and buses and subways. Nothing makes sense. And if things made sense they wouldn't make sense. But as it is, it's all tiny squares and Jason is invisible and we are three people with no hop of catching up to Alex because we are on a team.

I just found a drink I made probably an hour ago, though, which is totally exciting.
Life is good.
Life is bonkers.
Bonkers is pretty okay.

In Purest Form

This, apparently, is what strategy looks like.