Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Magic: the Second Coming. It was all decks and fury and terrible cards. It looked like I had it in the bag, but then Jason came out of nowhere and took me down. He came out of somewhere. I lied. He came out of the basement with vinegar for the ants. There are ants all up in this joint.

We are about to role-play. Which is hard in this scenario. We rolled for who has to be the game-master, and it is Spatz. Now he is figuring out what he is going to do, and we are going to make characters wicked fast. And then role-play for maybe 45 minutes. And then vote on points.

My limbs feel wobbly on the insides. I ate a little coffee. That's not a thing I do often. It's making the insides of my limbs wobbly. There are games scattered all over the floors. We're a mess. ALSO we have skipped two games. Forbidden Island and Landyland. They both seemed like not what we wanted to do. So we didn't. We have no respect for our own rules, except for most of them.

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