Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jason S.: As the most reluctant player (Alex and Jason M. have been wanting to do this since high school and we are now all in our late 20's), it is somewhat surprising that I am still having fun. I am winning (I think!) at this point in time, but that will not last, as I am familiar with all of the games we have played so far and know none of the games slated for the latter half. I hope no one is watching because I have no qualms doing embarrassing things on camera when I believe no one is watching, heh. If you ever want to draft Magic cards with Jim, you may as well count an automatic point to your win total, because he totally sucks at Magic (lol). I drank a Four Loco and it was a stupid decision. Love, Jason S.

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  1. How rude of me, and that was only after an hour in -- shame on me. Jim's an awesome sport, but needs to stop drafting 70+ cards in a 40 card deck draft! Congrats to all; we did it! Now cross it off your bucket list. -- Jason S.