Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Line Up

Jason M.:

Here is a list of the games we are trying for, in the order we are trying. We will not make it through this entire list. Most of these games can be read about at boardgamegeek.com, though I am not going to spend the time to link to individual pages.

1. Betrayal at House on the Hill
2. Magic the Gathering (Fourth Edition Booster Draft, Round Robin)
3. Hey, That's My Fish!
4. Samurai
5. Outdoor Survival
6. Settlers of Catan
7. Chess: The Fourth Dimension
8. Forbidden Island
9. Magic the Gathering (Ice Age/Homelands Sealed Deck, Melee)
10. Landyland
11. Shadowrun (RPG)
12. Risk
13. Bang!
14. Ticket to Ride
15. Terrace: The Purest Strategy Game
16. Hacker
17. Scotland Yard
18. Gloom
19. There is no #19 on our list. This is an oversight.
20. Call of Cthulu (RPG)
21. Wyvern (Sealed Deck, Group Play)
22. Shadowlord
22. Survive (clearly, this was meant to be 19. But there was no #19 on the paper list. I will not violate the paper list.)
23. Acquire
24. Mystery Express
25. Ideology
26. Memory

Memory is last because Alex wants to see how well we can remember where an animal that looks like another animal is when we have been up and playing games for 24 hours. This is a good idea.

We are starting now.

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