Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Parting Shot


Jason Spatz and I have just packed up and are ready to go in search of more Four Loko. Anyways, good game, all, good game.

Final Tallies

We Done Did It.

24 Hours of Games.

17 Games played.

Now we see if we can still remember what a baby version of an animal looks like. The final test!

More twiddling


We have skipped Hacker, and put Gloom before Scotland Yard. Also we intend to skip Call of Cthulu. Even with all the skipping we are going to run out of time before we run out of games, so we're revising as we go. Given that we only have two hours left, and we are only 2/3 of the way through this jam, I would bet dollars on one more game and then Memory.

We're all holding up pretty okay for not having slept. We're functioning pretty well brain wise for not sleeeeeping. I had to go outside and do jumping jacks a minute ago, though. I think we are probably totally physical messes. Eating the most crap and not moving or sleeping. Bad news. I have been drinking a ton of water, though. Hooray for hydration.

Let's all pee.

This is what nonsense looks like.

We are playing a game called Scotland Yard and it is bonkers.


We just played gloom, a terrible game where you hurt your family and then kill them but I never get the cards that kill my family. Terrible.

But now, oh now, it is Scotland Yard. Wherein we all chase Jason M around a board and try to beat him up, but he is invisible, and we are five people. Also - taxis and buses and subways. Nothing makes sense. And if things made sense they wouldn't make sense. But as it is, it's all tiny squares and Jason is invisible and we are three people with no hop of catching up to Alex because we are on a team.

I just found a drink I made probably an hour ago, though, which is totally exciting.
Life is good.
Life is bonkers.
Bonkers is pretty okay.

In Purest Form

This, apparently, is what strategy looks like.

Rules Were Made to Be Broken

Jason M.:

In a bid to end grumpiness and encourage mental stability, we broke the rules of inclusion and invited Lucy to join us in a game. A fresh face was nice, rebuking dogma is always a healthy move, and we were playing a game we knew she liked to play, "Bang!", the spaghetti western card game. In a remarkable turn of events, she lasted until the end of the game against the team of Jim and Jason M., with the result of denying any 24 Hour points to Alex or Jason S. The overall scores tightened up as Jim took first and Jason M. took second, and now there's a three-way tie for the whole enchilada with Jim only a point behind the rest. Dramatic twist!

Now Lucy is being the absolute 100% best there ever was and making us post-spaghetti western western-style spaghetti (by which I mean there are beans in it, which I don't think is actually a thing called western-style spaghetti, but it is delicious.)

Pressing on! Only approx. 7 hours to go...will sanity hold out? I'm going to start drinking.

A list of words that contain "risk" and would make great other board games

Darrisk Jeter
Risky Business


a riskit a rasket


I have never played Risk before. And I drank coffee which is no good for me. All jittery and just killing everything on a marching spree. I just laid waste to the countryside but now I am losing all my footing. Sad days. I want to just do jumping jacks.

Everyone seems pretty tired and a little bit grumpy. Grump-a-dumpy. I have on a hoodie but now maybe it's getting hot. Maybe I am having hot flashes. Clearly we have hit a magical hour.

Shaddo Runnnnn


We finally are done.
Dear lord we finally are done.

Let's just move on to Risk.

Shadow run was the worst idea.


We have been playing this for what, three hours now?
Alex took over pretty immediately as GM, as Spatz was not comfortable with it.
We are making the slowest progress. Nobody will let me blow things up.
Next time we cap the role-playing.


That is where we are.

Magic: the Second Coming. It was all decks and fury and terrible cards. It looked like I had it in the bag, but then Jason came out of nowhere and took me down. He came out of somewhere. I lied. He came out of the basement with vinegar for the ants. There are ants all up in this joint.

We are about to role-play. Which is hard in this scenario. We rolled for who has to be the game-master, and it is Spatz. Now he is figuring out what he is going to do, and we are going to make characters wicked fast. And then role-play for maybe 45 minutes. And then vote on points.

My limbs feel wobbly on the insides. I ate a little coffee. That's not a thing I do often. It's making the insides of my limbs wobbly. There are games scattered all over the floors. We're a mess. ALSO we have skipped two games. Forbidden Island and Landyland. They both seemed like not what we wanted to do. So we didn't. We have no respect for our own rules, except for most of them.


Jason M.:

4D Chess has made everybody grumpy by not making sense. Looking forward to a game with rules that come more polished than a few mimeographed typed sheets with handwritten notes from the '80s packaged in a plastic zip bag.

The game does offer the unique chance to capture not only one but multiple kings. (Alex has two).


We just settled for catan. Cantankerous. Can't anchor us.
Now it is time for Chess: the Fourth Dimension.

I feel a little bad for Lucy who is sleeping one wall away. We are kind of loud.
Some of us are a tad tipsy. All of us are pretty tired. Pretty. And tired. Mostly pretty.

Jason Spatz is pretty much winning everything. I pretty much am losing. I am pretty much terrible at games. Jason Spatz is pretty much good at strategy. I am pretty.

The directions of Chess: the Fourth Dimension are as hilarious as the concept of Chess: the Fourth Dimension.

Jason Spatz and I have finished our four lokos. They were bad ideas. We are not even a fourth of the way done.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alex (dictated by):
We are falling behind right now because Jason Spatz is a vagina.
Jason S.: As the most reluctant player (Alex and Jason M. have been wanting to do this since high school and we are now all in our late 20's), it is somewhat surprising that I am still having fun. I am winning (I think!) at this point in time, but that will not last, as I am familiar with all of the games we have played so far and know none of the games slated for the latter half. I hope no one is watching because I have no qualms doing embarrassing things on camera when I believe no one is watching, heh. If you ever want to draft Magic cards with Jim, you may as well count an automatic point to your win total, because he totally sucks at Magic (lol). I drank a Four Loco and it was a stupid decision. Love, Jason S.

This is what Magic looks like.

Magic The Gathering: Tokyo Draft


We just hit hour three and we are still playing out the draft, due to Jason Michelitch's use of Pestilence as a stalling tactic and his attempt to win by poison counter. Otherwise, the games have been going quickly, and I haven't lost a match yet, thanks to Jason Spatz's use of Wall of Stone.

The main lesson from this draft is that 4th edition had a handful of really strong cards, and that has made this draft really top heavy.

Spatz still hasn't finished his four look and I still haven't opened mine.

Got to go, the game is afoot.


Fourth Edrition Bootster Draff


Spatz won that first game. It was ridiculous. It took the most long. It was a long slow death for everyone.

I am eating everything. The cats are cute. Now it is time for Magic.

We are arguing about how points will be assigned. Because we don't understand points. And games. That's a lie. I don't. Everyone else does. But I am eating everything. So I get some points for that, I think.

Toots and rips. They both mean farts.


Jason M.:

Alex is upset that our rolls are forcing him to find all of the tokens in Betrayal at the House on the Hill.

You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.

The Line Up

Jason M.:

Here is a list of the games we are trying for, in the order we are trying. We will not make it through this entire list. Most of these games can be read about at, though I am not going to spend the time to link to individual pages.

1. Betrayal at House on the Hill
2. Magic the Gathering (Fourth Edition Booster Draft, Round Robin)
3. Hey, That's My Fish!
4. Samurai
5. Outdoor Survival
6. Settlers of Catan
7. Chess: The Fourth Dimension
8. Forbidden Island
9. Magic the Gathering (Ice Age/Homelands Sealed Deck, Melee)
10. Landyland
11. Shadowrun (RPG)
12. Risk
13. Bang!
14. Ticket to Ride
15. Terrace: The Purest Strategy Game
16. Hacker
17. Scotland Yard
18. Gloom
19. There is no #19 on our list. This is an oversight.
20. Call of Cthulu (RPG)
21. Wyvern (Sealed Deck, Group Play)
22. Shadowlord
22. Survive (clearly, this was meant to be 19. But there was no #19 on the paper list. I will not violate the paper list.)
23. Acquire
24. Mystery Express
25. Ideology
26. Memory

Memory is last because Alex wants to see how well we can remember where an animal that looks like another animal is when we have been up and playing games for 24 hours. This is a good idea.

We are starting now.

The Way This Will Work

Jason M.:

Posts will be written by each of us. The name of the poster will appear at the top, like mine above.

We will be playing games for 24 hours straight. We will assign points for winners, second places, and third places. Losers will get no points. At the end of the night, the highest cumulative points wins it all. The whole enchilada. The Sheboygan toboggan. The Nancy Drew Mystery Lover's Special Hotline. The Magilla Gorilla.

Everyone wants to win a Magilla Gorilla.


We are preparing our games. Here is a picture. From L to R, Jason S., Alex, Jim, and Jason M.

Alex was disappointed in the amount of Jason S. in the first picture, so we took another.