Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rules Were Made to Be Broken

Jason M.:

In a bid to end grumpiness and encourage mental stability, we broke the rules of inclusion and invited Lucy to join us in a game. A fresh face was nice, rebuking dogma is always a healthy move, and we were playing a game we knew she liked to play, "Bang!", the spaghetti western card game. In a remarkable turn of events, she lasted until the end of the game against the team of Jim and Jason M., with the result of denying any 24 Hour points to Alex or Jason S. The overall scores tightened up as Jim took first and Jason M. took second, and now there's a three-way tie for the whole enchilada with Jim only a point behind the rest. Dramatic twist!

Now Lucy is being the absolute 100% best there ever was and making us post-spaghetti western western-style spaghetti (by which I mean there are beans in it, which I don't think is actually a thing called western-style spaghetti, but it is delicious.)

Pressing on! Only approx. 7 hours to go...will sanity hold out? I'm going to start drinking.

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